Community magazines

Before he retired as MP for South Staffordshire Sir Patrick Cormack was a regular reader of VILLAGE VOICE and here he is seen perusing our special first birthday issue back in 2007.

“It’s good to see a publication that not only has its finger on the pulse of the local community but is also prepared to tackle difficult subjects. I may not always agree with what they print but I think that it is right that they should raise some of the more controversial subjects that affect our local residents” he commented.   

We bumped into Eric Knowles, antiques expert from “Antiques Roadshow” at an event recently and soon we were talking about the glass industry in Wordsley and Stourbridge. Later talk turned to VILLAGE VOICE and he was keen to see copies - so we were only too happy to oblige and as it happened we picked out a copy that showed a fabulous piece of modern glass from the Ruskin Centre at Amblecote. “I must admit” he said “It’s wonderful to see a publication like this that not only pays homage to some of the fantastic heritage of the area but also features some of the best work that is still being produced locally. And the fact that the magazine has maintained such a high standard over the years is truly remarkable. Keep up the good work!”

There is no doubt that Roy Wood is one the region’s best known and loved musicians - from his days with the Move through to Wizzard he has written and performed a wide range of hits from “Flowers In the Rain” (the first song played on Radio 1) to “See My Baby Jive” and, of course, “I wish it could be Christmas every day”. He picked up a couple of copies of VILLAGE VOICE at the Robin R’n’B Club in Bilston. “I’m really pleased to see that there is a commitment to live music in the magazine” he said. “Over the years the number of outlets for live music has reduced dramatically and we need to preserve those that still exist. Well done VILLAGE VOICE.”